Sunday Funday!

Party in the Studio today!

I honestly can't even chose a photo for my blog today!  The studio was hopping with some FUN celebrating today!  We started the day with Princess Natalie celebrating her 1st birthday and doing a cake smash.  Bless her heart, she is the true meaning of princess - she was not having the whole getting her hands dirty with that frosting!   She rocked the session the way a 1 year old princess will rock it!   Then, another one of my repeat clients came to the studio and her first words when she walked in the studio were "wow, this place is cool, Dad!"   We had a tea party with big bear and a my little pony, danced, and she was a ham!  So much fun!   Then I closed up the studio tonight with a beautiful Senior session with Kaitlyn!  This young lady screams beauty and personality!  I'm really hoping to have some Senior Reps next year with her spirit and confidence!   SO...... if you want to see photos - you'll have to check out facebook or instagram because I just can NOT pick ONE!  

Have a great week, ya'll!  I'm starting my Monday off with a newborn session!

Spring is just around the corner!