Photographer of The Week - Only In Kansas

As most of you know, besides photographing all of you, I love nature!   I love to photograph Wildlife and landscapes, especially night photography and storms.   I am in a group for photography about Kansas and this week we had a pretty awesome storm and I posted a few photos that I took of the storm and lightening!   One of my photos was chosen as photo of the week.   Why is this a big deal to me?   It's in my home state AND there is a distribution of almost 145, 000 people! 

Thank you for letting me share!   You can LIKE the Only in Kansas facebook if you are interested in seeing some pretty awesome photos and day trips in Kansas.   They haven't posted my photo yet there (it's still in the photography group) but I'm sure it will be posted there soon and go out to their email distribution as well.   I'll be sure to share when that happens (on my facebook page).

Only in Kansas Facebook