Love Affair!

Do you know WHY I love photography so much? Photography is truly a love affair with LIFE! I see things around me differently than most people -- I see beauty, lots of beauty! Most of you know that I'm also a RN (for 26+ years). Nursing is about helping people and I feel that photography is too! We aren't promised tomorrow and today's photos are tomorrow's memories and in the end.... all we have is our memories. Let that sink in! Whether it's me, your cell phone, or another photographer - PLEASE be sure you are photographing and PRINTING your memories. AND.... be sure that you have photos of you and your kids together... yes, YOU! I joke and say there is a reason I'm behind the camera because I don't like being in front of it but you know, our kids don't see our wrinkles, our chub, our grey.... they see the parent that they love! I grew up with very few photos of me as a young child and it's sad!