Chicks and Chicks!

Starting yesterday through Sunday, it IS all about the chicks!  Yesterday, we started our Spring Mini Sessions and some photos have been posted.  I love watching how in awe the kids are with the chicks.  I make sure to teach them about being gentle and respecting them and it's so cute to watch them interact!  Today is all about the Chicks but I don't mean baby chickens - It's Celebrate YOU - Boudoir Model sessions.  Our first session was so much fun and the client already has her sneak peek and will have her gallery by 6 pm!  How's that for turn around time?  We have another Celebrate You model in the studio tonight!   Sneak peek for these boudoir sessions are in our CELEBRATE YOU group for Ladies only!  I'm looking forward to some repeat clients tomorrow as they have their Spring Mini sessions and on Sunday we have more!  

I hope you got to enjoy some of that awesome weather we had yesterday!  I am so ready for Spring!!!

Have a great weekend!   



Photography with a HEART!